Sunday, June 27, 2010

Random photos taken from my blackberry

Ronnie, livin life

Self explanatory

Julian, rolling up next to some dude who was just sleeping on the ground lol

shout out to zon

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Im not really in to that Illuminati bullshit

But this made me think twice...smh

and this dudes blonde dreads just made me laugh so i had to snap a photo... lololoololll

Yo Malik is the man! no homo (cam voice)

Dude almost put cakes to sleep, at the skatepark lololololololll

ooh and wiz khalifa is the man too... (The Good Weeds Lit!)

Im more of a Monster Person...

Well the other day i attended a redbull gallery party with my good friend nigel hosang (aka my mentor) There was a few dope things but i only liked 3 personally.
This monkey was dope!

self explanitory

and this is me in some super dope mask..haha

I drank so much redbull!!!

Yo i love sneakers, even though it may not seem that way...

This is my boy ronnies aka lolll super exclusive

This is my boy georges collection smh.... hes the man lollll

These are Lavells throw aways hes too grown and sexy now. no homo hahahaha

The saddest part about this post is that aint none of these shoes mine :(

I wish i was able to post from my phone...

well the summers getting started and its starting off pretty good. ive been having lots of fun and doing some reckless ass shit. hahaha i have some videos to post that are funny as shit. my phone records in good ass quality lolll

Saturday, June 12, 2010

damn i need to post more often

Im Reckless!!!!! i raged like hell last night

i love this song