Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remixlabel is a lifestyle brand that represents those that cannot and will not be boxed into any one idea, group or subculture. Together we break the stereotypical design produced by those who could never begin to understand the life we live.  We represent the lifestyle of those who go against the grain and will not lose. This is us, We stay fresh in what we like, We bump what we love, We drive what we like and Speak how we please. Not because everyone is doing it, Not because we want the approval of our peers, and Not because we saw it in a rap video. But because we can relate, because we love this, because we grew up on this and because it is what we choose.We are the Remix to what you thought you knew and thought we were. This Is Us! Remixlabel Family! (Check the dope shit out) 

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